Centuries of Le Marais

In the early 1800’s the French National Archives were moved into the Hotel de Soubise. Now the home of the Museum of French History (in addition to still holding archives), it is the former home to members of the French aristocracy during the 14th-18th centuries.

Several streets in the Marais still reflect the 19th century Jewish neighborhood it once was. This bookstore, covered in Hebrew, was located amongst falafel stands and temples on streets thronged with members of the 21st century Jewish community.

20th century Marais saw a revival with a growing gay community in the area. This “Open Cafe” seemed to cater to homosexual males, and was not for a lack of customers!

Marais is now a thriving shopping destination, while still containing memories of its past. Everything from Nike to smaller shopping boutiques can be found, catering to any potential buyer.

Map Marker

11-13 Rue des 4 Fils, 75003 Paris, France
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