Layers of the Marais

The Hôtel de Soubise began as the home of the Soubise family before Napoleon claimed it as a property of France in 1808; the site still exudes the same aristocratic grandeur as it did during the 17th and 18th century.

This multicolored street art pays homage to the Gay community, which revived the Marais and transformed it into a cultural hub after some years of desolation during the 20th century.

This space has been serving the community as a library for Hebrew texts and memorabilia since the Marais was a primarily Jewish area during the 19th century.

The fact that Nike, a multi-national fortune 500 company, has chosen to open a store within the Marais serves as a testament to the fact that the area has become one of Paris’ great shopping destinations.

Map Marker

24 Rue Aubry le Boucher, 75004 Paris
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