Boulevard Montmartre

In order to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and to satisfy our cravings for Mexican food, a group of us ventured to the Chipotle located on Boulevard Montmartre, which had opened in May 2012.  Once inside the crowded restaurant, I noticed people from many cultures including French, American, and Asian backgrounds.  It was particularly interesting to notice the differences between the American and French versions of this chain.  My burrito bowl was as delicious as ever, but tasted slightly different.  The two-story building also seemed to offer a new take on the Parisian cafe model.  The second floor featured a massive window and a bar against it, allowing patrons to gaze upon the surrounding street.  In addition to Chipotle, I noticed many other American establishments on the same street, including Starbucks and McDonald’s, which slightly differed from the American versions.  The presence of American establishments and their incorporation of Parisian features was incredibly interesting, and gave me another glimpse into the multi-layered history of Parisian spaces.

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Chipotle, Boulevard Montmartre, paris
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