A European Soccer (Football) Game

In last Thursday’s Exploring Paris post I wrote about how Luke, Larry, and I ventured to Parc des Princes, the Paris soccer team’s (PSG) stadium, looking to buy tickets for a game on May 5th. We traveled a long way to the stadium only to find out that the building was closed. It was devastating, and no one thought it was possible to recover. This blog post is about overcoming adversity to reach our dream of going to this Sunday night soccer game…


Luke, Larry, Emmanuel, and I went to a PSG versus Valenciennes game at the stadium this past Sunday. The match started at 9:00, but we left the Citadines at 4:30 in hopes to be early enough to purchase tickets. We were concerned since it would be harder to get any tickets on gameday, let alone four in a row. Also, the fact that none of us speak French makes the process potentially tedious. We arrived at the venue and went to the ticket office. Fortunately, the woman helping us spoke English and was able to find four seats in a row for a relatively low price. We were victorious and felt invincible. We got dinner at an overpriced restaurant near the stadium, waiting anxiously to go into the building. After dinner and looking in the team’s store, we entered. The stadium holds 40,000+ people, and the game was sold out. There was so much energy throughout the whole game even though it was a meaningless regular season contest. PSG had already clinched first place and had nothing to play for except pride. Valenciennes surprisingly scored early which was a shock to most. Late into the game, with only a couple minutes remaining, the scored remained 1-0. PSG needed to score, and the crowd tried to will their team to tie the match. Finally, one player headed in a goal, and the stadium went insane. It was awesome; I had never been to a soccer game before, let alone one in Europe. The game ended in a 1-1 tie. The experience was amazing, and we all had so much fun. I will certainly keep that ticket stub and remember going to a European soccer game. It was a great way to see Parisian, French, and European culture.


*I apologize to all non-Americans for using the term “soccer” instead of “football” or “futbol.”*

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