Dinner at Four Seasons George V

A dear family friend of mine was in Paris for the night on Tuesday and offered to take my friend Larry and I out for dinner.  In a city this expensive, I was happy to accept their offer and spend time with them in the process.  They forwarded the address to me and suggested that we dress as nice as possible, a shirt and tie if we had them. After plugging the place into Google, we were stunned to see how luxurious the hotel/restaurant, Four Seasons George V, was. The cars parked out front were of the top quality, and the service was incredible.  It was a complete to change of pace to see Paris through a lens such as this.  Taking about our future plans and dressed my best, it truly set in that we are growing up and the working life is right around the corner.  It was strange to see old family friends that I have known since I was 10 years old internationally, and discuss business and politics with them over a bottle of wine and dinner.  What I once thought was the distant future is now upon me, and this realization occurred at George V.

Map Marker

31 Avenue George V 75008 Paris, France
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