Lines and Lies

Following our class assignment at Disneyland today (can I just point out how awesome that first half of the sentence is) Xandy and I decided to stick around and get the full days worth out of our experience.  Turns out, that wasn’t too much.  Each ride has an approximate wait time at the entrance… “It’s generally an overestimate,” everyone says, “You never have to wait that long,” they say.  They lie.  At first things seemed reasonable, a 45 min. wait on a busy day isn’t too bad.. but that’s just what they want you to think.  An hour and a half later you’re wondering whether there actually is a ride at the end of the line.  We started worrying, maybe the line is the ride?! Thankfully it wasn’t and we had a great time, but we definitely learned our lesson… whatever the approximate line time, it’s probably safe to double it.

Map Marker

Boulevard du Grand Fossé, 77700 Chessy, France
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