Graffiti in Bercy and near BNF

This is the Bercy Skate Park where kids in the neighborhood come to roller blade, scooter, skateboard, and paint graffiti. Every inch of the park is covered in the graffiti by kids who frequent it and it serves as a free place for them to express themselves.

This is a picture of a pyramid painted onto a trash can at the Mur des Frigos. This along with the next picture shows the development of a palimpsest and how graffiti is constantly covered up with new graffiti.

This is a picture of a pyramid presumably painted at the same time as the other pyramid which is covered over with a black graffiti signature. This is the first step to the covering over of this pyramid so that it is no longer the top layer of graffiti.

This is one side of the Mur des Frigos and it shows old magazine covers, newspapers, and posters. This is an example of art other than graffiti that people have posted on walls. Whether it is graffiti or another type of art such as this, this wall gives people a place to express things such as nostalgia for the past through old magazine covers.

This is another side of the Mur des Frigos. It is interesting to note how colorful and pleasing to the eye this graffiti is. When on a wall and overlapped, graffiti becomes more than just individual signatures and becomes a neighborhood’s collective identity through a community mural.

This is a small part of the Mur des Frigos. It shows the commemoration of a graffiti artist by her people because it refers to the artist name instead of the “real namer.” It shows the group commemoration of those gone in a place for the whole community to see and mourn together.

This is the last picture of the Mur des Frigos. This “wall” is actually a building with a wall surrounding it. The building and the surrounding wall is covered in graffiti because it is a designated place for artists to paint. This results in quick turnover of the graffiti because it is constantly being covered up.

Map Marker

178-212 Quai de Bercy, 75012 Paris, France
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