A Delicious Dinner with Friends

This past Monday, Crawford, Maddie, Emmanuel, and I went to Le Relais de l’Entrecôte for dinner. It is a well known and popular restaurant with an interesting menu. They only serve steak and french fries! (I guess in France they are just called fries). Apparently there can be heaven on earth. After sitting down, the only decision that has to be made is how one wants their steak cooked. After getting served a plate of salad and bread, the fun starts. A large platter of steak and fries is brought with a delicious homemade sauce. After two rounds of that along with the salad and bread, I was quite full and satisfied. One part of the night that particularly stood out is when the waitress initially came over to our table. She immediately knew that we were American and started speaking English. I guess it was that obvious that we were tourists. It was a very pleasant dinner, and I would definitely recommend this restaurant to others. I mean, how can you pass up steak and fries?



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101 boulevard du Montparnasse, Paris 75006
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