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Who shot JR? :: Paris 2013

Who shot JR?

I was riding home in a taxi when our cab driver asked me where I was from. After our usual exchange, he was so excited to find out that I came from Dallas, Texas. He immediately asked me “Who shot J.R.!” This was not the first time this has happened. Whenever I introduce myself to a Parisian and tell them that I am from Dallas, I usually get the same response. I came to this country with certain stereotypes of Parisians without realizing that they had their own about Texans. While Dallasites are known for big hair, I can attest to the fact that not all of us are like the infamous gun-wielding Ewing family. It is absolutely incredible how a television show that ended over 20 years ago still has had such a strong impact on Parisian’s perception of my hometown. It is evident that there truly is a lack of a concurrent cultural exchange between both cities. One of the upsides to this situation is that I get to educate people about the greatest city in the United States while being in one the greatest cities in Europe.

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